Headshot of Steven Tobias, Psy.D.

Steven Tobias


Director of the Center for Child and Family Development

Steven Tobias, Psy.D., is the director of the Center for Child and Family Development in Morristown, New Jersey. He has over thirty years of experience working with children, parents, families, and schools. Dr. Tobias feels a strong commitment to children’s social and emotional development and provides consultation to schools as a way of reaching many children, including those who are under-served in terms of their social and emotional needs. He has coauthored several books with Dr. Maurice Elias, including Emotionally Intelligent Parenting and Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teenagers. He has given lectures throughout the United States on topics related to parenting and children’s emotional development.

Dr. Tobias lives in New Jersey. Maurice J. Elias, Ph. D Professor of Psychology at Rutgers., and Steven E. Tobias, Psy.D., Director for Center of Child and Family development are the authors of several books including: Boost Emotional Intelligence in Students and Emotionally Intelligent Parenting.