Headshot of Jill Brown

Jill Brown

Founder, Supporting School Administrators at Generation Text Online

Jill Brown is the founder of Generation Text Online, a company that offers programs that teach 21st -Century learners about internet safety; digital citizenship; conflict resolution and provides the tools to eliminate cyberbullying and bullying. The architecture of these programs provides professional development, as well as age specific curricula for K - 12 empowering each individual to navigate the dangers and pitfalls of the internet and social media.

By equipping her audience with the tools to understand how emotions drive decisions, presenting real-life examples, and providing experiential learning through interactive curricula, audiences are able to learn a thinking process that guides them in avoiding dangerous situations and solving problems. Jill Brown and Generation Text Online is well known at the university level within student services, providing mental and emotional wellness curricula, designing mentor programs and supporting education candidates with the Generation Text Online approach.