Whil™ and My Secure Advantage® Join Forces to Bring Financial Wellbeing into the Workplace

By: The RethinkCare Team

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Whil, A Rethink Division, announced today that it has launched a partnership with My Secure Advantage (MSA), the global leader in financial wellbeing. With the announcement of this partnership, the Whil platform, which focuses on Personal Wellbeing, Professional Development and Parenting & Caregiving needs for modern professionals, will be further enhanced with digital training and financial coaching from MSA.

In early 2021, Whil conducted a survey to assess the growing needs of its global client base. The results showed “financial wellbeing” as the No. 1 priority across the global population. Whil selected MSA as its chosen partner due to MSA’s 35-year history of leading the charge in financial wellness programs and the company’s shared focus on holistic wellness.

Even before the global pandemic, an American Psychological Association study found that 72% of Americans feel stressed about money at least some of the time. COVID-19 exacerbated financial hardship for many and highlighted the need for additional layers of support. Employer-provided financial wellness programs are one way that businesses are innovating to support their people and improve company vitality.

“Financial problems can take a huge toll on an employee’s mental, emotional and physical health,” said Joe Burton, CEO and Founder of Whil. “When a professional is facing a decline in their mental wellbeing, it makes it harder to manage money and perpetuates the downward spiral of increasing money problems and declining mental health. We’re confident that our new partnership with MSA will help transform lives.”

Brad Barron, CEO and founder of MSA, is also enthused about the partnership. “So many lives have been changed in the last two years, so now is the perfect time for employers to invest in their talent and equip employees with the right set of financial tools. The beauty of the Whil and MSA partnership is that we can offer employees more robust, flexible programs no matter what they’re going through financially and what goals they have. We take an unbiased and holistic approach that gives employees the personalized support they need to get through the day-to-day challenges of life.”

About My Secure Advantage

My Secure Advantage, Inc. (MSA) is a national leader in financial wellness programs. MSA provides unbiased, personal finance coaching to thousands of MSA members each month through over 15,000 employer groups, companies and partners. MSA’s expertise meets its members’ unique needs and challenges by delivering multi-dimensional, scalable solutions. With over one million consultations complete, MSA equips and empowers its members to make sustainable behavior changes so they may achieve long-term financial well-being to improve their quality of life.

About Whil, A Rethink Division

Whil is the only global digital platform on the market that leverages evidence-based and clinically validated approaches to support the Personal Wellbeing, Professional Development, and Parenting & Caregiving needs of employees across all areas of their lives—from work life to home life and everything in between. The platform is available in nine languages and integrates into all of the leading corporate wellness platforms, learning management systems and EAPs. Learn more at whil.com.

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