Strategic Investment Shows Rethink’s Relevance for Workforce Facing Unprecedented Change

By: The RethinkCare Team


Rethink Benefits’ unique capability to improve employee happiness and productivity through its neurodiversity inclusion and caregiver support platforms was validated this week with news that K1 Investment Management, LLC has made a strategic investment in Rethink Benefits’ parent company.

“Rethink is a platform with tremendous opportunity to expand its capabilities and reach,” Rethink COO and Co-Founder Eran Rosenthal says in the release. “The recent launch of our neurodiversity product and our new telehealth offering continue to address the needs of our customers. We are eager to embark upon the accelerated growth path that K1’s partnership is fueling.”

As American professionals continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Whil is well-positioned to help employers continue to support them with its robust resources for caregivers of neurodiverse children. At the same time, Rethink’s virtual platform is well-suited to a rapidly evolving labor market, as some employers discover they can expand the geographic footprint of their workforce with improved teleworking capabilities.

“Launching the Rethink caregiver offering in response to COVID-19 was a critical move for us at NVIDIA – the pandemic shut down schools and limited provider resources, shining a light on the unique challenges employee parents face on a daily basis, particularly those caring for a child with a developmental disability,” commented Deepa MacPherson, Wellbeing Benefits Program Manager at NVIDIA, in the release. “Rethink’s virtual solution was an essential part of our plan to increase support to employees with additional struggles so they can better manage their mental health and ‘new’ home life. Rethink’s expanded neurodiversity inclusion offering differentiated it from other caregiver programs, ensuring those caring for or living with cognitive challenges and variances are supported and included.”

“My daughter entered a new class at school and had some challenges adjusting – my wife and I found it difficult to narrow in on her unique needs. I elected to speak with a Rethink specialist and consulted the online video lessons and was able to get strategies and guidance on how to address her behavioral concerns at school,” said Sean Lavelle, Global Enablement Lead at SAP in the release. “It’s like I’m living vicariously through my daughter and watching her grow and adapt and experience new social situations. Having Rethink as an added benefit is something that I am truly grateful to SAP for, and I would be doing myself a disservice by not utilizing it.”

To learn more, read the full release.

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