RethinkFirst Acquires ABA Therapy Billing & Insurance; Welcomes ABA Industry Leader Michele Silcox-Beal as VP

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NEW YORK – October 19, 2023 RethinkFirst, the leading SaaS and solutions provider in behavioral health, has acquired ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services (ABAB) to expand the managed services offering of RethinkBH, a comprehensive practice management software solution for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and pediatric therapy. As part of the acquisition, RethinkBH has welcomed ABA industry leader Michele Silcox-Beal to its team as VP of revenue cycle management (RCM) quality.


ABAB is one of the first companies to provide ABA billing services, including benefit and authorization management, claims management and network participation management for ABA therapy providers. The acquisition will enable RethinkBH to support its rapidly growing client demand and expand its existing RCM outsourced services with enhanced benefits and authorization management capabilities. RethinkBH’s holistic focus goes beyond billing to credential, educate, train and support its ABA provider clients with compliance and audit preparation services, all designed to improve operations and reduce risk

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Silcox-Beal is co-presenting at the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) Leadership Conference on Oct. 20 in a session titled “ABA Session Notes and Services: Documenting, Delivering, and Overseeing Life Changing Treatment.” The session will detail best practices for ABA session notes and services so organizations can focus on the quality of care and intended treatment outcomes, including how to create session note templates, methods for understanding payor interpretation of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes and systems for the oversight of the delivery and billing of ABA services. View the full virtual event schedule and register at the BehaviorLive website.

For more information about RethinkFirst’s billing services, please visit the RethinkBH Billing Services page.

About RethinkFirst:

RethinkFirst is a global health technology company providing cloud-based treatment tools, training, and clinical support to employers (RethinkCare), educators (RethinkEd), payors (RethinkFutures), and behavioral health professionals (RethinkBH). Rethink’s award-winning solutions serve thousands of clients globally, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 100 and many of the country’s largest public-school systems and health plans. Each of Rethink’s award-winning solutions incorporates evidenced-based protocols, workflow automation, and advanced data analytics to drive meaningful clinical outcomes and improved performance for customers and the communities that they serve. For more information please visit our RethinkFirst website.

About Rethink Behavioral Health:

Rethink Behavioral Health provides SaaS-based ABA clinical tools, telehealth and parent portal, practice management and training products, billing software, and medical billing services. They work with startups, growing practices, and enterprises to provide their software products to businesses with a range of staff and patient sizes and different needs. RethinkBH is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by supporting providers’ growing practices and improving their operational efficiency.

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