The tools every district needs to design, deliver and
monitor evidence-based practices in special education

Rethink makes teachers' lives easier
Easily ensure meaningful
inclusion opportunities
for all students
Easily develop
effective behavior
intervention plans
Easily access
Academic Learning
Easily develop
IEP Goals
Data Icon Data Analytics
Rethink Analytics makes it easy for teachers to evaluate student IEP progress and engage in evidence-based practices.
By using Rethink to input and track data, teachers will have access to automatically-generated data graphs and progress reports in real time, providing beautiful, accessible, and easy-to-understand evidence of student progress that can lead to more effective classroom interventions.
iPad data tracking
Training Icon Training
Rethink’s Training Center provides cost-efficient, job-embedded professional development for teachers, paras, and parents, ensuring that all students receive high-quality, research-based instruction.
Offering guided instruction in specific behaviorally-based teaching strategies, Rethink’s sequence of 7-10 minute training modules model all of the research-based techniques used in our expert-reviewed, video-based lesson curriculum in jargon-free accessible language.
Curriculum Icon Curriculum
Rethink Curriculum places the power of individualized learning in the hands of every teacher.
With a library of over 1,500 video-based exercises, lesson plans and thousands of printable materials, Rethink offers teaching staff a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the needs of special education students across functioning and grade levels with four main pedagogical focuses: core developmental skills, inclusive practices, transition planning, and behavior. Rethink Curriculum makes it easy for teachers to address Common Core and state standards while helping students make progress on IEP goals and objectives.
Behavior Icon Behavior
Rethink Behavior Support helps teachers decrease problem behavior and increase student learning in the classroom by giving them the tools needed to create effective, function-based behavior intervention plans.
This sophisticated and easy-to-use tool offers teachers a wealth of resources, including how-to videos, articles, examples and case studies pertaining to positive behavior support, an easy-to-use plan builder for step-by-step creation and management of function-based intervention plans, and a place to share, review, and modify plans to facilitate collaboration and data-based decision making.
Activity Center Icon Activity Center
Rethink’s Activity Center makes learning fun, engaging students with skill-building online activities tied to individualized goals.
The Activity Center is easy to access by teachers, students and their families, offering a quick and easy way to engage students in fun and educational online activities aligned with Rethink’s curriculum and IEP Builder. Each activity is customizable across different subjects and learning levels and features built-in prompts and feedback to increase learning and motivation. All student activity is automatically tracked and graphed for easy progress monitoring by the student’s learning team.
Activity Center
Admin Dashboard
Data Icon Admin Dashboard
Rethink’s Admin Dashboard makes it easy to evaluate program effectiveness and student outcomes at the click of a button.
Use the Admin Dashboard’s sophisticated filters and easy-to-read tables and graphs to track and compare staff utilization (including platform log-ins, completed training activity, and data collection) with student progress in order to make data-based decisions and determine if your special education program is really working.
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"Rethink has met a need for our
district on many levels…providing
quality, data driven programming
in support of our students."
— Dawn Netzel, Edison Township
of Administrators,
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"Rethink has provided us with
a means to collect data so we
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— S. Lynn Dowis, Anderson School District Five
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