Participant Success Story: Father Finds Support for Son with Autism through Rethink Consultations

By: The Whil Team

Article Participant Success Story Father Finds Support for Son with Autism through Rethink Consultations
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“I never stop learning from both my kids,” says Arturo Jallath, a father of 2 and Rethink participant. “It seems like each day I have something new to learn.”

Arturo has been using the Rethink program to gain support for his 15-year-old son, Daniel, who has autism. The program is provided to Arturo through his employer, Hitachi.

“Our Rethink (expert) has been very helpful,” Arturo says. “Each time we speak with her, we always get a solution about our son’s challenges. She is always an open book and constantly gives us ideas or strategies to apply to our son.”

One of the most helpful interactions has been when Daniel was struggling with sleep, often not sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours a day. With the support of virtual consultations with one of Rethink’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts,
Arturo and his wife were able to put those strategies to use and see results.

“Now he is sleeping between 7 and 8 hours,” he said. “Not only has his sleep pattern improved, he is also more aware and is having better behaviors at home and also at the school.”

Arturo lives in Shrub Oak, New York, and said the convenience of Rethink’s virtual consultations has been greatly appreciated. He looks forward to the monthly meetings he schedules with his dedicated expert, who he says provides helpful, actionable strategies on every call.

“She is like our family therapist, because she is always open to listen to us,” Arturo says. “She gives us suggestions based on her great experience with special types of kids.”

Along with phone-based consultations, Arturo said his family has benefited from logging into the participant portal that is part of the Rethink program. He said, per the advice he gained from the consultations, he has found helpful, downloadable and printable resources to supplement what he’s getting from the virtual meetings.

Arturo gives thanks and appreciation to Hitachi for providing employees with the Rethink program, which has provided support he hasn’t been able to find through other resources.

“In my case, I came from a foreign country, and it has been so hard to get support from family members,” Arturo said. “Now, (my clinical expert) from Rethink, is like a part of our family. She is always available to help and to listen to us.

“At the beginning, we didn’t believe she could help us, but now Rethink is our first source of consultation after school.”

Through the Hitachi-provided Rethink Benefits program, Arturo and other eligible members of the plan have 24/7 virtual access to master’s- and doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analysts, who specialize in caring for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Along with access to consultations for personalized support, Rethink participants have unlimited access to an exclusive online portal with more than 2,000 videos and lessons aimed to help with everyday tasks like brushing teeth or doing homework to Social and Emotional Learning tactics such as self-advocacy and drawing out creative strengths.

The portal is supported by a mobile app, special-topic virtual learning sessions, podcasts and tip sheets developed by Rethink’s in-house team of experts.

Rethink is driving equity, inclusion and advancement for the neurodiverse population.
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