Best Practices for Implementing Rethink’s Behavioral Health Products

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Best Practices for Implementing Rethink Video and Checklist
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Before implementing any major software solution, it’s important to invite key decisions makers and stakeholders to product demos. The main goal is to identify questions and concerns. Depending on the result of those responses, your team can make the best decision for your practice.

We are going to assume you’ve already done this and you are just starting the onboarding practice with Rethink. Below we’ve prepared a checklist that you can use during the implementation.

Readiness Checklist

  • Implementation Strategy:
    • Pilot–Trialing the Rethink platform to determine if it is a fit for your organization
      • Test the system with a purposeful selection of learners, staff, locations
    • Full Implementation–Adopting the Rethink platform into your organization
  • Identify key outcomes that will define what a successful implementation looks like
    • Be prepared to share any unique scenarios with your organization that may impact the implementation
    • Create a matrix of staff by job title and job responsibilities to aide in the creation of roles and permission with Rethink
      • For example RBT, Lead RBT, Student Analyst, BCBA, Senior BCBA, etc.
    • Create a plan to communicate to your staff about the transition to using Rethink and get buy-in
    • Plan for stopping the existing system: Overlap? Hard Stop Date?
  • Set realistic timelines to roll out the new software
    • Utilize the provided Rethink Implementation Plans to track agreed-upon benchmarks
    • Adopt a “train the trainer” model
    • Create internal training plans for new staff
  • Identify Internal Implementation Team Members
    • Implementation team members should have knowledge across departmental areas: Finance/Payroll, Compliance, HR, Clinical, billing.
    • Based on the size of the organization assign a Project Manager to oversee the implementation of multiple products or identify internal content area experts that will field all staff questions and reach out to communicate with Rethink’s Implementation Specialists.
  • Identify Rethink Team Members
    • Create a cheat sheet of the Rethink team members’ contact information to guide you in reaching out for assistance
  • Review the Rethink technical specification requirements prior to purchasing new devices
    • Identify if you will be purchasing devices for staff and if so what type
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