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Ready! Set! Go! Addressing the Needs of High School Students

Discover Best Practices for Preparing Students for The Future

High School is a time of incredible growth, change, and planning for the future. Students are working toward graduation, maturing as young adults, and learning to navigate the world around them. High school teachers and staff are faced with a unique task to not only provide the necessary academic curriculum but to also address and teach skills necessary for life as a successful adult in the real-world.

Today’s webinar will offer practical tips and actionable ideas for teachers and parents alike. Learn about:

  • Current trends in high school teaching and student engagement strategies
  • Tips for student learning through mediums that with adolescents find familiarity
  • Ideas for finding the teachable moment and addressing the whole learner in the high school environment

About Our Guest
Maria Wilcox, MA, RBT

Director or Professional Services

Maria Wilcox currently serves as the director of professional services for Rethink, working with districts and organizations throughout the western part of the United States. Her previous classroom teaching experience covers a wide range of student abilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Emotional Behavior Disorders, and Intellectual Disabilities in a variety of school sizes from large, urban areas to small, rural towns. Maria has dedicated her teaching career to developing plans, systems, and supports to ensure that students are fully-included in both school and community while being prepared for the most independent and successful life beyond school by utilizing collaborative planning teams and involving all stakeholders in the student's program development. During her time in public education, she served on several statewide committees and task forces focusing on a variety of areas in education such as transition planning and teacher evaluation processes. Prior to life in the public school classroom, Ms. Wilcox worked extensively with youth in outdoor education settings teaching leadership seminars, survival and adventure courses, and conservation skills.

Maria graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in special education and licenses in both elementary and K-12 special education. She received her Masters of Arts in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis in 2016 from the University of Northern Colorado. Ms. Wilcox is a Registered Behavior Technician and is working toward her board certification in behavior analysis. In her spare time, Maria enjoys mountain bike riding and is an active race team member of her local women’s mountain bike team.

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Date: Monday, Jan 25, 2016
Time: 4:00PM EST
Duration: 1 hour

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