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All Together Now: Making Inclusion a Success in Your School

Whether your students are spending some or all of their time in the mainstream classroom, or if they are currently in self contained classrooms, this webinar will provide you with effective strategies on how to move your students along the path to the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and make inclusion a reality and a success!

Getting on the Same Page: Strategies for a Successful IEP Meeting

Join us on December 4 at 6:00 pm EST when Pamela J. White, PhD, BCBA will discuss the critical components needed in order to ensure a successful IEP meeting.

Creative Solutions to Managing Challenging Behavior in the Classroom

Join Dr. Bridget A. Taylor, Psy.D.,BCBA-D, renowned educator and Executive Director of the Alpine Learning Group, as she discussed how to determine the function of challenging classroom behaviors and effective strategies for managing them.

Intro to Rethink

Minimum Effort, Maximum Payoff. In a nutshell, that's how using Rethink will work for you. Watch this short and engaging overview of all the features available - from writing IEPs and implementing best practice teaching strategies to managing behavior and data tracking - and how they can increase your teaching effectiveness and efficiency.

I Dream of Data: Data Collection Made Easy

Yes, recording data might just become the easiest part of your day! Whether you are starting to take data on one skill, or would like to track progress for multiple targets and skills, this 15 min webinar will not only show you how, but what the data can do to make your life easier.

IEPlease Make this Easier!

Writing IEPs takes a lot of work! Not to mention preparing for IEP meetings and making sure that your students reach those IEP goals. Here's the good news: Rethink can take that load off your shoulders and this 15 min webinar will show you exactly how.

Family Mental Health: A Springboard to Success for Children with ASD

Join us on September 25th at 6:00 pm EDT as Dr. James Coplan, MD will discuss the importance of family mental health, the advantages of a family-centered approach and how it contributes to success for children with ASD.

Get the Dirt on Data

Join us on September 17th at 3:15 pm EDT for an exclusive webinar with Rethink's own team of data gurus! Angela Nelson, Angela Pagliaro, Jen Bessette, and Pamela White will spend this hour long webinar reviewing the new data features available from Rethink and answering all of your most pressing data collection questions.

Top 10 Skills for School Success and Effective Collaboration with Your Child's School Program

Join Dr. Bridget A. Taylor, Psy.D., BCBA-D, renowned educator and Executive Director of the Alpine Learning Group, as she presents on this timely topic. There will also be a Q & A session where Dr Taylor will answer your questions live! This webinar will discuss targeting foundational skills needed for school success, implementing effective collaboration and communication with your child's school program and using the Rethink curriculum to enhance your child's school performance.

Dr. Patricia Wright on Inclusion: Promoting Success for Students with Disabilities

This webinar, featuring the National Director of Autism Services for Easter Seals, Dr. Patricia Wright, discusses strategies to help districts meet the expectation of least restrictive environment through educating students with disabilities in general education settings. Learn about the value of inclusive education, examine convincing research that supports the benefits of inclusive environments for all students, and learn strategies for the successful inclusion of special education students at the district, school, and classroom levels.

Spotlight Parent of the Month

Listen as Helen Y, mother of 5-year-old Emma from NJ, shares her story about learning of Emma's autism diagnosis to the present time. Be inspired as Helen and Emma's therapist Katherine talk about helping Emma overcome challenges and achieve success!
Learn from renowned autism educator, Dr. Bridget Taylor, BCBA-D, as she offers her expert tips and advice in a Q and A session.

Spotlight Parent of the Month

Lisa M (mother of an 11-year-old boy from the Jersey Shore) discusses her emotional story about becoming an advocate for her son. This month’s Spotlight mom tells it as it is as she explains her fears and hopes for her child.
Learn how she took control of her child’s education and built a team to ensure his success. You don’t want to miss this touching story!

Seeing ASD in 3D - A lifespan perspective on Autism Spectrum Disorder w/ Dr. James Coplan

In this webinar, James Coplan, MD (Developmental Pediatrician;www.drcoplan.com ) describes the expected progression of symptoms over time in children with ASD. Dr. Coplan explains the relationship between ASD, IQ, and long-term outcome, as well as the issues that face older children, adolescents, and adults who may have “outgrown” the diagnosis of ASD, but may experience mental health issues.

Spotlight Parent of the Month

Lisa B. (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands) is the mother of a 6-year-old boy with autism.
Join Lisa as she details her incredible journey with her son – from diagnosis and tantrums to soccer games and movie nights. This little guy has certainly made great strides with help from this month’s amazing mom.
Learn how she does it, and even how she includes his siblings in the fun!

Spotlight Parent of the Month

Meet Monica C. from Stevenage, UK - the mother of a 5-year-old boy with autism. Like many parents, Monica originally struggled with just getting her son to sit for lessons. Now, six months later, he is excited to learn, and even requests to work on lessons!
Monica shares many heartfelt moments with the audience as she discusses the challenges she has faced, and the successes she and her son have achieved.

Creating Sustainable Improvements in Autism Education Programs with Dr. Robyn Catagnus and Dr. Sandra Witcher

Join Dr. Robyn Catagnus and Dr. Sandra Witcher as they explore techniques to enhance the sustainability of systematic improvements to education.

Spotlight Parent of the Month

Have you ever wondered how to juggle family life, a job, and teaching your child? Meet Tanisha H. from Detroit, MI – the mother of a 10-year-old boy with autism. Listen as Tanisha explains how she uses Rethink Autism to turn everyday situations into learning opportunities. Learn how Tanisha balances it all, and get ready to be inspired!

Working in Family Settings

Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA discusses how to incorporate ABA in family settings, troubleshoot common obstacles, and best support families in a variety of scenarios while using Rethink Autism.

The Autism Explosion

April is Autism Awareness Month. As part of our continuing effort to promote global awareness for autism, we're proud to present an exclusive webinar with renowned author and speaker, Dr. James Coplan.

Dr. Coplan is the owner of the Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics of the Main Line, PC and a Clinical Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

This webinar explained the difference between prevalence and incidence; reviewed the factors that have given rise to an increased prevalence of Autistic Spectrum Disorder; discussed reasons for the popularity of the perception that we are in an epidemic, and the consequences of this perception.

Collecting and Interpreting Data

Join District Trainer and BCBA Angela Nelson as she discusses the importance of collecting data. Learn multiple ways to take data, ways to incorporate data collection in the classroom, and how to interpret data graphs.

Developing an Effective Behavior Plan

Ally Kelly, M.Ed discusses the importance of determining the function of behavior, using proactive strategies, and ongoing data analysis as key components of an effective behavior plan.

New Behavior Tracking Feature on Rethink Autism

Jamie Pagliaro, Executive VP of Rethink Autism, discusses the new Behavior Tracking feature. Learn how our system can help you to target, track, and evaluate behaviors using a variety of best-practice data collection procedures.

Preparing for the Holidays

Rethink Autism Senior Clinical Advisor & Director of the Alpine Learning Group, Dr. Bridget Taylor will discuss reasons why the holiday season may be challenging for children with autism and what we can do to help them prepare and cope.

Expert Series: Treating Feeding Problems of Children with Autism

Dr. Mae Barker will discuss issues surrounding food and children with autism, and ways of addressing feeding problems.

The Top Ten Ways to Collaborate With Your Child's School

Leading autism educator Dr. Bridget A. Taylor discussed how ongoing collaboration is essential to ensure everyone is aware of your child's strengths and needs, goals and objectives are coordinated, and your child and your family are having a meaningful educational experience.

Latest Research on Technology to Deliver Evidence-based Autism Services

With the growing prevalence of autism spectrum disorders, public school districts are faced with an exploding demand for autism services. This webinar proposed promising applications of scalable technology to enhance training and supervision of staff, and collaboration among clinicians to provide evidence-based educational services for students with autism. Results from an independent study of Rethink Autism's web-based platform to improve paraprofessional and student performance in a public school program were presented.

Jamie Pagliaro, Executive VP of Rethink Autism

Dr. William Jenson, Professor at the University of Utah – Dep't of Educational Psychology

Jennifer Cardinal, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Utah – Dep't of Educational Psychology

Sexuality and Autism: A Practical Guide

Led by Sorah Stein, MA, BCBA, & AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, this webinar helps give parents an understanding of their child's sexual development and behavior while offering practical tips and advice for addressing these issues.

Practical, Everyday Tips for Parenting a Child with Autism

Dr. Robyn Catagnus, BCBA-D led this special webinar that focused on parenting, teaching and coping. Offered in support of Autism Awareness month "Everyday Counts and Everyone Can Help"

Key Components of an Effective School-Based Autism Program

Presented by our Executive VP, Jamie Pagliaro former Executive Director NY Center for Autism Charter School this webinar provides a framework for district leaders to allocate resources, for teachers to coordinate direct services and for parents to advocate.

How to Serve More Students on the Autism Spectrum with Shrinking Budgets

Hosted by e-School News, with Dr. Robyn Catagnus Ed.D., BCBA-D and rethink autism's Executive VP Jamie Pagliaro this webinar focuses on finding ways to save costs, while providing a quality evidence-based education for students with autism, utilizing low-cost web-based technology that offers curriculum planning, staff training and data tracking & reporting.

How to Use and Navigate Rethink Autism

Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA teaches administrators, teachers, and other team members how to better utilize their Rethink Autism program through an overview of the assessment process, adding new lessons, data collection procedures, how to monitor progress and more.

Virtual tour of rethink autism's innovative features and tools

This wonderful step-by-step video provides a comprehensive overview of the rethink system. In a matter of minutes you can learn how rethink autism can transform your child's autism treatment.

Are you eligible?

Join other WI-based providers in guiding families to Rethink Autism, now accessible through Wisconsin's autism waiver program as a long-term support option.

Teach Your Child Social & Language Skills

Join Lin Chong, our Director of Programs and Services, and learn about language and social skills deficits seen in children with autism, effective ways to teach, and specific lessons that can help.

Managing Autism Programs in a difficult fiscal climate

Jamie Pagliaro, Former Executive Director of the New York Center for Autism Charter School, discusses how school districts around the nation have used the Rethink Autism platform to:
• Equip teachers and para-professionals with best-practice tools,
• Save money by eliminating unnecessary cost relating to training,
• Increase the quality of education with limited staff resources.

Autism: Confronting a Crisis in Public Education

rethink autism Advisory Board members: Dr. Bridget Taylor, Jamie Pagliaro and William R. Jenson partnered with eSchoolNews, to discuss the challenges many school districts are now facing, due to the growing number of students with autism.

Orientation for Parents & Family Members of Newly Diagnosed Children

Presented by Dr. Bridget Taylor & Ms. Lisa Goring, Director of Family Services at Autism Speaks.

Dr. Peter Gerhardt on Adolescents & Adults with Autism

rethink autism Advisory Board member. President and Chair of the Scientific Council for the Organization for Autism Research, presented on Programming for Quality of Life for Adolescents and Adults with Autism.

Managing Problem Behavior at Home with Dr. Bridget Taylor

rethink autism Advisory Board member. Director of one of the country's leading educational programs for children with autism, cutting-edge researcher, and the therapist featured in Catherine Maurice's book "Let Me Hear Your Voice" discussed Managing Problem Behavior At Home.

Back to School with Dr. Bridget Taylor

rethink autism Advisory Board member. Director of one of the country's leading educational programs for children with autism, cutting-edge researcher, and the therapist featured in Catherine Maurice's book "Let Me Hear Your Voice". This is a slide show of her presentation.

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